Your question: What is a b10 base light bulb?

What wattage is B10 bulb?

GE Basic 60-Watt EQ B10 Soft White Dimmable Candle Light Bulb (6-Pack)

What is the difference between B11 and B12 bulbs?

The designations B11 and B12 refer to the size of the GLOBEs, no the bases. (The number after the shape code, in this case “B”, refers to the diameter of the globe in 1/8″ increments. The B11 lamps are 1/8″ smaller in diameter than B12 bulbs.)

What does Type B bulb look like?

What Type B Bulbs Look Like. Sometimes known as “candelabra bulbs,” Type B bulbs are bullet or flame-shaped, smaller in size and carry less wattage than other bulbs. Some Type B bulbs buldge at the base and get thinner as they reach the tip, while others retain the same narrow shape from bottom to top.

What size is B11 bulb?

Chandelier Light Bulb Shapes

Shape Diameter in Inches Approx. Length (Inches)
B10 1-2/8 3.75-3.9
B11 1-3/8 3.88
C7 7/8 2
C9 1-1/8 2.75-3
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