Your question: What is Lampe Berger oil made of?

What is Lampe Berger oil?

Lampe Berger Fragrance Oils & Lamps

Lampe Berger fragrance oil lamps have been purifying the air and adding pleasant scents to rooms for over 115 years. Initially, they were used to purify the air in hospitals in France. Today, Lampe Berger fragrance lamps are used in homes worldwide.

How do you make Lampe Berger liquid?

All you’ll need to do is mix the alcohol with a few drops of your scented oil. If you purchased a larger bottle of alcohol, measure out roughly 16 fluid ounces of it and pour it into a container. Then, add no more than 10 drops of your essential or fragrance oils to the alcohol.

Does Lampe Berger really purify air?

What are the benefits of the Lampe Berger? Lampe Berger purifies and perfumes the air indoors like no other system. Catalytic diffusion, which has been perfected over the years, destroys the molecules responsible for undesirable odors.

Is Lampe Berger natural?

Now, Maison Berger has made its way into the homes of many, and probably won’t be leaving anytime soon. Benefits? Because the oil refills are infused with botanically-derived natural essence, you can expect there to be a number of health benefits when burning different oils.

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Is a Lampe Berger worth it?

Tried the lampe berger and it really does eliminate the stinky smells and leaves the room smelling fresh. It also helps with food smells, potent plastic smells (from new storage shelves), musty air, and even stinky garbage smells. I have used it every day since I got it, in multiple rooms in my house.

Is Lampe Berger healthy?

The advantages of a Lampe Berger are clear. It purifies the air, produces beautiful aromas from its scented lamp oil, and offers health benefits that you can enjoy simply by letting it burn.

How long should I burn my Lampe Berger?

Light the catalytic burner and let the flame burn for about 2 minutes. Blow out the flame and put the open protective top on your fragrance lamp. The average size room only requires about 20 minutes of use.

What does Lampe Berger New Orleans smell like?

New Orleans is a sweet scent with fruit notes.

How do you clean a Lampe Berger stone?

To clean it fill the cap of the fuel bottle or a small container with some Lampe Berger oil in it and pull the wick up enough to soak the rock part in the lid for 10 seconds and then place the wick back in the Lampe Berger and snug it back in place and then try to light it.