Can I put a regular light bulb in fridge?

Why do people put light bulbs in the fridge?

Instead, LEDs kick out far less heat, which is massively beneficial in an environment where staying cold is essential. Even if you accidentally leave your fridge door open, the light won’t warm up and affect any food close by, making them safer in this regard.

Do refrigerator light bulbs get hot?

Incandescent bulbs are far less efficient than the new LED bulbs, but in a refrigerator they create an even bigger issue, the get really hot. Heat is the last thing you ever want inside your refrigerator. … That goes to show how quickly they heat up and how much heat they create in the fridge.

Can I use a regular light bulb for my refrigerator?

You can use a regular light bulb in a refrigerator if it fits, but it is not smart to do so. There are bulbs specially made for refrigerators and these appliance bulbs handle lower temperatures better than standard bulbs and, they are often shatterproof too.

Can you put any kind of light bulb in a refrigerator?

Refrigerator: Usually takes a 25- to 40-watt standard base appliance bulb, but some refrigerators use a T8 intermediate base bulb. … The law requires higher efficiency standards for basic light bulbs, but it doesn’t apply to all specialty bulbs. Appliance bulbs are among those that are exempt.

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When did refrigerators get light bulbs?

Late in the year 2007, LED light bulbs began being used in some refrigerator models. Many newer refrigerators have small individual LED lights or an LED light column in the fresh food section. These types of LED lights will need to be replaced by an authorized technician.

How long do fridge bulbs last?

Unlike other light bulbs in your house, the refrigerator light bulb has very low usage. The usage time is dependent on how often you (or your kids) open the refrigerator. The life expectancy of an A15 appliance light bulb is rated at around 1750 hours. This is 750 hours more than the average A19 light bulb.

Can I put a light in my freezer?

The cost to install an automatic light in a freezer is the same as the cost to put one in a fridge, and that amount doesn’t change, regardless of how many times you open the door and turn on the light. The benefit of that light is that your food is easier to find.

What is the difference between an appliance light bulb and a regular light bulb?

The difference between regular and appliance bulbs is that appliance bulbs are designed to withstand the extreme temperatures and conditions found in appliances. … A regular LED bulb with a standard E26 base will fit in an oven but the bulb will melt almost straight away.

How long do refrigerator LED lights last?

You can expect high quality LEDs to maintain 70% of their initial lumen output after 50,000 hours of operation. Therefore, you’ll have to deal with bulb replacements far less often, and you won’t have unprofessional-looking refrigerator cases with completely burned out lights.

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