Do I need a hub to use smart bulbs?

Do smart bulbs work without a hub?

Best answer: At least 10 smart bulb brands like C by GE, TP-Link, Sengled, and even Philips Hue, work without a hub. But LIFX, although a little pricey, not only makes some of the best smart bulbs sans hub, they also work over Wi-Fi and play nicely with your other smart home gadgets.

Do I need a hub for smart lights with Alexa?

It depends on the smart bulb in question. Some smart light bulbs require a hub to work such as those from Philips Hue but others don’t require a bridge or hub to work correctly. The key to smart bulbs for Alexa is that they support Alexa other than that the options you need are pretty flexible.

Do smart bulbs work in normal sockets?

Smart bulbs replace your regular bulbs and will still work with your traditional light switch. You can still use your light switch to turn your smart bulb on and off, but you probably will want to leave it on all the time.

Do you need anything special for smart bulbs?

A smart bulb also works as a regular, standard bulb. But for it to work you need a smartphone, a tablet or a mobile device of some kind. In most cases, you will require a home automation hub that will allow you to operate the smart bulb wirelessly.

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What is no hub required?

What companies really mean when they say “no hub required” is that the device will connect to your WiFi network, then connect to the company’s servers over the internet. Those servers are running software that would normally be in a hub and are what allow them to be hubless.

Can I use Hive bulbs without a hub?

You will need a bridge to connect your smart lighting

Hive Active Lights need to be connected to either a Hive Hub or Hive Hub 360 in order to sync up with your phone. If you don’t already have one, you’ll need to get one to be able to connect up your bulbs to the internet.

Why do you need a hub?

A hub serves as the nerve center of your home automation system and ties all of your devices together. Now, most smart home devices, regardless of the protocol they use, are controllable with their own app—and if they need a bridge or hub, they will typically come with one.

Can echo dot control lights without a hub?

No, you won’t need a hub for your echo dot to operate devices which do not require a hub (such as nest thermostats which can contain their own hub for other devices too). … Echo Plus has a built-in hub that seamlessly connects and controls compatible smart devices such as light bulbs, door locks, switches, and plugs.

Do I need a Zigbee hub?

Zigbee is a wireless technology that supports automation—it allows many home security and smart home devices to interconnect in a single system. … Just like you need a wireless router to create a Wi-Fi network, you also need a hub to set up and control a Zigbee network.

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Can you turn smart bulbs on manually?

The answer is yes, You can control a smart bulb manually with a normal wall switch as in a conventional home or remotely though a smartphone. … The use of smart light switches or smart bulbs is up to you of course, and you can use them in different electrical circuits to optimize your smart home device resources.

Can you mix smart bulbs with regular bulbs?

In general, you shouldn’t turn off normal regular switches if you still want to use your smart bulb’s functionality (since smart bulbs need constant power). Smart switches are better in this sense, but you can’t always mix smart switches and bulbs.

Can I put a smart bulb in a lamp?

Smart light bulbs can be used in lamps, installed in pre-existing light fixtures in the home, and, really, anywhere you would install a traditional bulb.

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