Frequent question: What bulbs do street lights use?

What kind of bulbs are used in street lights?

The high pressure sodium lamp (HPS) is the most commonly used street light throughout the world. It produces light by running electricity through a mixture of gases, which produces light. The lamp itself is preferred because it requires little maintenance. These lamps are fairly efficient.

What size bulb goes in a street light?

E17, “intermediate” base, is in between these two sizes. It’s sometimes used for desk lamps and appliance bulbs, but is not as common. The large E39 “mogul” base is used on street lights, and high-wattage lamps (such as a 100/200/300 Watt three-way).

Are street lights fluorescent?

Fluorescent lamps for street lighting were first introduced to the public for commercial uses at the 1939 World’s Fair. The major problems with standard fluorescent lamps for street lighting is that they are large, and produce a diffused non-directional light. They are also rather fragile.

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