How do you change the battery in a coastal headlight?

How do you change a battery in a coastal headlight?

Insert the batteries in the direction indicated in- side the headlamp, close the battery compartment door until it ‘clicks’ shut, and hinge the headlamp back towards the reflective strap. Never mix old and new batteries. Remove batteries before storing headlamp for extended periods of non-use.

How do you put batteries in a Coast flashlight?

How do you put batteries in a flashlight?

  1. Twist the rear cap counterclockwise until it releases from the flashlight.
  2. Insert a new battery with the top or pointed end facing the light.
  3. Attach the end cap by turning it clockwise until it stops.

How do you open a Coleman battery lock headlamp?

Pry the battery cover off with a flat-head screwdriver. Remove the batteries from the compartment. Insert the new batteries, following the alignment guide stamped inside the compartment. Slide the small tabs of the battery cover into the slots on the compartment’s back edge.

What size batteries do headlamps use?

Due to their size, AAA batteries are ideal for headlamps. You’ll find headlamps that use two, three, or four AAA batteries.

How do you change the batteries on a coast hx5 flashlight?

To replace or change the battery, unscrew (counterclockwise) and remove the tailcap of the light and remove the included AA alkaline battery. Insert new battery into the light with positive end towards the front of light. Replace the tail cap and tighten (clockwise).

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