How long is the cord on ring Spotlight cam wired?

How long is ring wired camera cord?

How long is the USB cable that comes with the Ring Stick Up Cam? The USB cable is 13 feet long.

Can you use extension cord with ring camera?

(Yes, we know we can use an extension cord. We did that when we chose the camera’s permanent location, don’t worry!) … But we’re not picky; extension cords work, too.

How long is the power cord for the ring stick up cam plug in?

how long is the power cord? Answer: 8′ long for the adapter with the indoor cord.

Do Ring cameras work when not plugged in?

It doesn’t have to be completely tethered to the outlet, though, as you can add on a battery pack for when the power goes out. It also works inside and out.

Can you cut the plug off a ring camera and hard wire it?

The plug can’t be removed from the cord. If you want to pass the cord through a wall to make the installation cleaner, you have to cut the plug off the cord and void the warranty.

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Can you cut the plug off a ring camera?

Rings official answer to me about how to connect power; “We recommend mounting the Ring Spotlight Cam Wired near a plug that’s accessible outside of your home as the cable is sealed. … If you need to run the cable through a wall you will have to cut it off and refit a new 3 pin plug after.

Does ring Spotlight cam work without Wi-Fi?

Unfortunately, the Ring Spotlight will not fully work without Wi-Fi, although you’ll still have access to the Ring app, regardless of whether it’s Android or iOS, and you can still make changes, view the offline status of your Ring Spotlight Camera, and view footage stored in the cloud.

Can you make a wireless ring camera wired?

LONG & FLAT CABLE – 25 ft/7.5m long cable makes it possible to connect it to the outlet inside or outside your house. … EASY TO INSTALL – Just connect the adapter to the outlet, plug in this cable to your ring camera with the provided screws, it’ll work and keep always charging your cam.

Can ring security be hardwired?

The Ring Alarm base station can connect to your home network using either Wi-Fi or hardwired ethernet. You can also disarm the system from the app, but in a break from convention, Ring does not offer a key fob for arming and disarming the system.

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