Is a light bulb an example of a screw?

What is a light bulb example of?


Name Optical spectrum Color temperature (kelvin)
Incandescent light bulb Continuous 2,400–3,400
Halogen lamp Continuous 3,200
Fluorescent lamp Mercury line + Phosphor 2,700–5,000*
Metal-halide lamp Quasi-continuous 3,000–4,500

Is a light bulb a simple machine screw?

They are the inclined plane, the screw, the wedge, the wheel and axle, the pulley, and the lever. They are used to make work easier. Simple machines do not have motors. … Examples of the screw are: screws, light bulbs, jar tops and a vise.

What simple machine are light bulbs an example of?

Simple Machines

Question Answer
What type of simple machine is a seesaw on the playground? a lever
What type of a simple machine would the bottom of a light bulb be? a screw
A fork would be an example of what type of simple machine? a wedge

What is a light bulb in science?

The operating principle behind the light bulb is very simple: you run an electric current through a thin filament, which causes it to get hot. Hot objects emit light, so the bulb glows. … The light emitted by a hot object is called “blackbody radiation,” and has some interestingly simple properties.

Is a light bulb a type of lever?

F A light bulb is a kind of lever. 3.

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