What are sodium lamps used for?

Where are sodium lamps used?

High pressure sodium lamps are used in outdoor lighting of streets and parking lots and in indoor settings where color rendering is not critical. These indoor settings include warehouse and shipping areas and some manufacturing areas.

Why do we use sodium lamp in experiment?

Using a spectrometer to observe the absorption lines formed when white light passes through sodium vapour. It is essential to provide an intense sodium flame. … This will make all the white light pass through the flame in the region where it is rich in sodium.

How does sodium lighting work?

In a high pressure sodium lamp, a compact arc tube contains a mixture of xenon, sodium and mercury. The xenon gas which is easily ionized, facilitates striking the arc when voltage is applied across the electrodes. The heat generated by the arc then vaporizes the mercury and sodium.

What are the advantages of sodium Vapour lamp?

Advantages. Most energy efficient light source commercially available, with an efficacy of 100 to 185 lumens per watt. Lamps have average life in the 14,000 to 18,000 hour range and have excellent lumen maintenance (very little reduction in lumen output over life of lamp).

Why does my sodium light go on and off?

When it nears end of life, as in the case of your lamp, reactions with the lamp’s alumina (synthetic sapphire, really) shell have depleted much of the sodium from the lamp, raising the voltage required to maintain the discharge to a point where when the lamp is fully hot, the ballast can no longer provide that voltage, …

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Why does sodium street lamp give off a yellow color?

Why does a sodium street lamp give off a yellow color, whereas a neon light gives off a red color? Because the substances absorb and emit different wavelengths of light. Describe the energy levels of electrons in an atom. There are 7 energy levels with 1 being the closest to the nucleus and 7 being the furthest away.

Why does sodium emit yellow?

An electric discharge takes place when electricity is passed through sodium vapors at low or high pressure. As a result the valence electron present in sodium atoms become excited and emit light. The wavelength of the emitted light is 590 nanometers, which correspond to yellow light.

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