Who invented Flyte levitating light bulb?

Who created levitating?

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How much does the Flyte levitating light bulb cost?

Get Flyte for $349 here.

How does Flyte levitating light bulb work?

The Flyte bulb works by a combination of induction and magnetism. The unit is formed of a base, which is connected to a standard power supply, and the specially made lightbulb. While gravity pulls the lightbulb towards the base, it is pushed up by the opposing force of the magnetism.

When was the Flyte levitating light bulb made?

Founded in 2015, after it exceeded the funding goal for its first levitating light bulb on Kickstarter, FLYTE has now become the leading levitation design company. When FLYTE founder Simon Morris was 16 years old, he dreamed of having a hover board.

What is magnetic suspension lamp?

A minimalistic, levitating lamp domesticates the maglev method in design duo Elivatix’s LUNALUXX lamp. … The lamp’s levitation works through magnetic suspension—commonly referred to as maglev—which capitalize on attraction to suspend the permanent magnet on the LED disk beneath the lamp shade’s electromagnetic coil.

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