You asked: How many lumens is a 500 watt halogen light bulb?

How many lumens is a 500W halogen?

How many lumens in a 500 watt halogen lamp? According to our research, the clearance of 500 watts of halogen is from approx. 8,000 to 10,500 lm. If we count, we will know that their luminous efficacy is about 16 to 21 lumens per watt.

How bright is a 500 watt flood light?

The lumen of 500W metal halide lights = 500 x 60 = 30000 lumens, which is also lower than LED of 70000 lumens. And hence, LED is the brightest floodlight when comparing to metal and halogen under the same power consumption.

How bright is a 500-watt halogen light?

A 500W halogen bulb produces around 9,200 lumens. This figure is very useful if you plan to replace your old halogen bulbs with more energy efficient lighting.

What is brighter halogen or LED?

Are LED bulbs as bright as halogen? Yes, LED bulbs are as bright as halogen. Not only that, but an LED bulb will produce the same amount of light as a halogen bulb while using 85% less power, so you can replace a 50 Watt halogen bulb with a 7.5 Watt LED.

What is the equivalent halogen wattage for LED bulbs?

Halogen light bulbs are more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, but still require much more energy to generate light than LEDs, which use around 85% less energy than halogen bulbs.

LED equivalents to halogen light bulbs.

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Halogen Light Bulb Wattage LED Equivalent Wattage
50 Watt 6 Watt
30 Watt 4 Watt

How many lumens is a 500 watt LED light?

And hence, a 500W halogen bulb produces 500 * 14 = 7000 lumens.

How many lumens is a 1000 watt halogen bulb?

Technical Details

Brand ‎Platinum Bulb
Special Features ‎Voltage 120V, Base G9.5 2 Pin, Wattage 1000
Type of Bulb ‎Halogen Bulbs
Luminous Flux 27500 Lumen
Wattage ‎1000 watts
Categories LED