Your question: Why do you use Kohler illumination?

What is oblique illumination?

Oblique illumination is a technique whereby light is projected at the specimen from a sideways, slanting angle to reveal features with higher contrast as compared to when viewed with brightfield illumination.

Does Kohler illumination increase magnification?

Optical illumination for most specimens is called Kohler Illumination. Once a given selection of optics is in place, Kohler illumination cannot affect magnification, but it does affect resolution and contrast.

What is the role of illuminated field and aperture diaphragm?

Sometimes referred to as double diaphragm illumination, it uses both a field and an aperture diaphragm to focus the illumination and provides an evenly illuminated viewing field, a bright specimen image and eliminates glare.

Why does the 100x objective need oil?

The 100x lens is immersed in a drop of oil placed on the slide in order to eliminate any air gaps and lossof light due to refraction (bending of the light) as the light passes from glass (slide) → air →​​​​​​​ glass (objective lens). Immersion oil has the same refractive index of glass.

What is diffuse illumination in optics?

[də′fyüs i‚lüm·ə′nā·shən] (optics) Lighting so arranged that the object is illuminated from many directions or sources.

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