Best answer: How do I get a spotlight account?

How much does Spotlight cost per year?

An annual, 365 day membership currently costs £106 (inc. VAT). Please note that monthly direct debit is not currently available for new members, only for those renewing or reactivating existing memberships.

How do I join Spotlight without credits?

If you’re keen to join us but are having difficulty with those essential four credits, here’s some ideas that might help you on your way.

  1. Start with a great headshot. …
  2. Brush up on your audition skills. …
  3. Write or direct your own material. …
  4. Consider professional training. …
  5. Look for a variety of work. …
  6. Be patient and persevere!

Do agents pay for Spotlight?

There is no charge to register as an agent on Spotlight. Once you have been approved, you’ll be able to begin submitting clients free of charge.

What is a Spotlight account?

Spotlight connects performers with roles in theatre, television and film productions around the world. … Spotlight is the best way to promote yourself as a professional performer and be seen by casting directors.

How long does Spotlight membership last?

General FAQs

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Spotlight membership is a full year contract, but with the option to spread this over 12 payments instead of one lump sum. There are 3 payment options for renewing and reactivating members: Annual Direct Debit.

What does Spotlight do for actors?

Spotlight is the industry’s leading casting platform, helping to connect performers, agents and casting directors. We are the go-to platform for acting jobs, auditions and casting calls for film, TV and theatre in the UK and further afield.

Can an agent get you on Spotlight?

Yes. Agents must always have a parent’s/guardian’s authorisation as set out in our terms. Alternatively, the agent can send you a Spotlight young performer ‘invitation’ for you to join your child online and submit directly to us.

Do famous actors use Spotlight?

All of these were cast through Spotlight.

Here’s how the website describes itself: “Spotlight is the home of casting for the UK and Ireland, connecting performers and agents to casting directors for over 85 years. 60,000 performers currently use Spotlight to apply for professional acting roles.

What counts as a professional credit Spotlight?

To qualify for Spotlight membership, you need to have four professional credits in television, feature film, qualifying short film, theatre or character-driven voice work, or alternatively, you have graduated with a minimum of a year’s professional training from a full-time accredited drama school or university course.

Do you need an agent to join spotlight?

Do I need an agent to join Spotlight? Not if you’re an adult performer. … This means that you’re able to submit yourself for roles that are sent out by casting directors and, when you’re asked to come for an audition, the invitation will come via Spotlight and be passed onto you.

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How do I remove an agent from Spotlight?

Performer website

Currently only Spotlight can add a link to your professional personal website. To have a site added or removed please contact us at This area will soon be self-editable.

Where do agents receive breakdowns from?

More than likely the person who was selling the illegal Breakdowns is/was an intern or an assistant at a talent agency. Agencies pay a subscription fee to receive the breakdowns. And Breakdown Services scrutinizes their subscribers.