Best answer: What colors do LED lights make?

What colors do LEDs produce?

The selection of emission of color from the LED is fairly limited due to the nature of semiconductor used in the manufacture. Commonly available colors of LED are red, green, blue, yellow, amber and white. The light from red, blue and green colors can be easily combined to produce white light with limited brightness.

What color light is best for SAD?

For the purposes of seasonal affective disorder light therapy, the colors of interest are white, blue, green, red. Forget about red for seasonal affective disorder light therapy. White and blue are better for SAD.

Can LED lights affect your mood?

LED interior lighting affects mood in two ways. The first is the psychological effects of its color on people. For example, red stimulates physical arousal. … The second way LED lighting affects mood is that it increases alertness and energy levels in much the same way as sunlight.

What is the most relaxing LED light color?

A 2017 study reported in the scientific journal PLOS ONE (3) found that blue lighting leads to post-stress relaxation three times as quickly as conventional white lighting. Blue light’s potential calming effects have been observed outside scientific studies as well.

What LED light color is best for nausea?

In terms of your physical well-being, the color magenta is great for those who are suffering from headaches or nausea. You can easily add this color into your life by purchasing magenta candles. Make time to relax, as you concentrate on the flame and the soothing color.

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