How do you connect Daybetter LED strips together?

How many LED lights can I connect together?

Therefore, your circuit can only handle 14 incandescent light strings connected together. On the other hand, if an average LED string light set uses 10 watts, then 1440/10=144. That means you can have 144 light strings connected together if they’re LED! That’s a lot more light than the incandescent.

Can you overlap LED lights?

During installation, make sure flexible light isn’t receiving electricity in any manner. C) Make sure the voltage marked on your light strip matches the LED Driver. D) Do not overlap this product as the overlapping may cause the flexible light to overheat and melt or ignite.

What do I do if my LED lights are too short?

Another solution is to wire the LED strip in the middle, which has a much lower voltage drop than the LED strip itself. If the length of the strip becomes so long that the current becomes too great for the output of the dimmer or controller, then signal / current amplifiers (data repeaters) must be used.

Can I plug my LED strip lights into an extension cord?

It is not acceptable to plug another power strip in to this type of power strip. Extension cords are only for temporary use and are not to be left plugged into wall outlets when not being actively used. This plugs into a wall outlet and is considered a power strip even though it doesn’t have a cord.

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