How do you open a LED bulb factory?

Is LED bulb manufacturing business profitable?

LED bulbs have an excessive life which is about 50000 to 80000 burning hours. LED goods have great response in local as well as global market LED light Manufacturing is a highly profitable business with substantial capital investment.

How do you manufacture LED bulbs?

The method for manufacturing an LED bulb comprises manufacturing terminals and elements of the bulb, including a circuit board with the LEDs, an LED power supply, a base and a light diffuser; manufacturing a casting mould for a heat-exchange element; placing at least the circuit board with the LEDs in the casting mould …

What is the manufacturing cost of LED bulb?

Questions & Answers on LED Bulb Raw Material

Shape Min Price Max Price
Round Rs 35/Kit Rs 75/Kit
Round Rs 8/Piece Rs 81/Piece

Where are LED bulbs manufactured?

China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea account for the most LED package manufacturing.

How do you start a LED light manufacturing unit?

LED Light Manufacturing Business Registrations and Licenses

  1. Company Registration with ROC (Registrar of Companies)- You can start your business either in partnership or proprietorship firm. …
  2. Trade license from Municipal Authority- You need to approach local municipal authorities to obtain trade licenses.
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Is LED manufactured in India?

The company is among India’s largest manufacturers of LEDs, LED displays and opto electronic products. Kwality is not only the first Indian company to have successfully established LED production in India but also commands the highest market share in domestic sales.

Top 10 LED lighting manufacturers in India.

Companies Brands
Usha Lexus Usha
Wipro Ltd Wipro

What is the cost of LED bulb?

LED Lights Price in India

Best LED Lights Models Price
Syska 9W LED Bulb (White, Pack of 10) ₹729
Syska SSK-SRL 18W B22 LED Bulb (Cool Day Light, Pack Of 2) ₹440
Philips Stellar Bright 10W B22 1000L Linear (White,Pack of 3) ₹459
Philips 17W B22 2000L LED Bulb (Cool Day Light, Pack of 2) ₹525

How much does it cost to make a light bulb?

Replacing a single bulb would cost $3 (for 15 minutes of labor). However, though it would only cost $3 to change a single LED, during that time 50 incandescent bulbs will have burned out. At $3 per bulb, the labor costs for incandescent bulbs reach $150 (50 x $3).

What is the price of LED light?

Top Selling LED Price List in India

Latest LED Models Expected Price
EGK 500W Cool White LED Flood Light ₹1219
EGK 20W LED Street Light ₹1058
Halonix Prime Radar 10W B22 Cool Day White Motion Sensor LED Bulb, HLNX-RDR-10WB22CW (Pack of 3) ₹675
Wipro Garnet 15W Cool Day White Square Wave Slim LED Panel Light, D721560 ₹530