How many watts is a 912 bulb?

How bright is a 921 bulb?

There is no specific number of lumens for a 921 bulb, but they are generally between 200-220 lumens.

What is a 912 bulb used for?

The 912 lamp operates at 12.8 volts and 1 amp. It is typically used as a trunk light, interior dome light, or high mount brake light in domestic cars.

How many watts is a 912 bulb?

#912 – 13 watt – 1 amp – 13 volt – T5 – Wedge Base

Part #: SL35869
Energy Used: 13 watts
Average Lifetime: 1,000 hours
Volts: 13
Bulb Type: T5

How many lumens are stock reverse lights?

The OEM bulbs have a lumen rating of 264.

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