Quick Answer: Do I need a special light bulb for my shower?

Do I need a special light for my shower?

A light used in a shower area must be rated “wet” or “shower location” to meet electrical code rules, as well as to withstand the conditions in this humid area of the home.

Do shower light bulbs need to be waterproof?

2 Answers. As pointed out by others, luminaires above or near a tub/shower must be “steam-proof” (rated for damp locations). This means the fixture will be sealed in some way, to prevent moisture from entering the housing and causing damage and/or an unsafe environment. 410.10 Luminaires in Specific Locations.

Can LED bulbs be used in shower?

It will fit, BUT LED bulbs can only go into the proper type of fixture, rated for water. It is not recommended to put them into the typical closed shower fixture unless the fixture is rated for LED.

Do bathroom lights need to be waterproof?

Here is a quick guide to what IP rating is required for bathroom lights and their zones: Zone 0 – this refers to lights that will be fully submerged in water, such as inside a bath or wetroom floor. You will need IP67 for these lights.

How do you know if a light is damp rated?

In the bottom right, you’re able to see a bar and a blue circle, which helps indicate the damp rating. This is important to pay attention to, especially if you’re purchasing light bulbs for areas that have a high amount of moisture.

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Can you put a light over the shower?

While it may be tempting to place a decorative fixture above a shower, it’s not simply a matter of just picking out any ceiling light you like. A ceiling light that goes directly over a shower must be rated for damp or moist areas, and certain types of ceiling light are generally not suited for over-shower placement.

Are shower lights Safe?

Shower lights increase visibility in the bathroom, reducing accidents. Most lights installed in residential showers are recessed lights. … Waterproof plastic light covers with airtight rubber seals prevent water and moisture from entering the light receptacle and making the lights a safety hazard.