What are two types of illumination used in a stereo microscope?

Why is reflected light used with stereo microscope?

Stereo microscopes are useful tools for examining specimens macroscopically and stereoscopically. … Reflected illumination shines light downward and onto the specimen, enabling you to observe the reflection. This illumination type works best for opaque specimens, such as rocks, minerals, plants, insects, and ceramics.

What parts of the microscope are used to control illumination?

The field diaphragm on a microscope is used to adjust the amount of light passing through a specimen on a slide. The field diaphragm is located below the stage of the microscope. The position of the field diaphragm can be properly set by using a process called Kohler illumination.

What are three kinds of illumination used in microscopy?

Types of Transmitted Illuminations

When using transmitted illumination with an optical microscope equipped with a condenser lens, there are three types of lighting: Koehler illumination, diffuse illumination, and critical illumination.

What are the 2 Illuminating parts of the microscope?

Parts of a Microscope

Magnifying part – objective lens and ocular lens.

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