What is brighter cool white or daylight?

Is bright white or cool white better?

For a more modern and contemporary look, cool white LED bulbs are perhaps the best choice, giving a clear, fresh glow to any space they illuminate. With their bright white glow and slightly bluish hue, cool white LEDs have the effect of giving energy to your home’s spaces.

What is the difference between cool light and daylight bulbs?

Cool white bulbs fall in the range of 3100K to 4500K. … Daylight bulbs have color temperatures that begin at 4600K and can range up 6500K or higher. These bulbs give off light that appears distinctly shaded with blue and simulates the natural color of daylight, which is 5600K on a sunny day at noon.

Is cool white yellow?

Warm lights have lower color temperatures, and therefore appear more yellow, while cool lights have higher color temperatures, and appear whiter or bluer. … Warm white ranges from 2200K to about 3000K, while cool white is a round 4000K.

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