You asked: Are olight flashlights any good?

Does Olight make good flashlights?

After seeing the products and customer reviews, we think these flashlights are definitely worth the buy. The brand designs highly innovative illuminating technology that can be used for a variety of purposes. From the Olight 5 to the Olight Odin, there is a flashlight for every and any occasion.

Why are Olights so bad?

Current models of these lights cannot charge standard batteries without the extra contacts, and a few models won’t work at all with standard batteries. This detail is poorly advertised in Olight’s product listings. These proprietary batteries tend to cost more than standard batteries – sometimes much more.

Are Olight flashlights any good Reddit?

Yup. They do some good lights, but their insistence on proprietary batteries and cool white (6500K and 7500K) really hamstrings their popularity among enthusiasts. I do happen to think Olight has some of the best UI- simple enough for anyone, nuanced and sophisticated enough to satisfy enthusiasts.

Is olight or Streamlight better?

Olight is OK but the features such as the switch operation is not on par with the others. Olight Lumens output seems to be overstated. Overall Olight is a serviceable light for both applications but I would personally opt for Streamlight or Surefire. I have not tested any of these for claimed battery life.

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Is Streamlight a good brand?

Streamlight offers their customers the highest level of quality in both the construction and technology used to manufacture their lights, all at a great value for you. Streamlight offers a lot more than just simple handheld flashlights to their customers.

Is olight store legit?

Olight Store has a consumer rating of 2.42 stars from 3 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Olight Store ranks 101st among Lighting sites.

Which is better olight or Fenix?

Better comparison would be the fenix pd35 style (pd36 will bring it closer to the lumens on the olight) vs that olight. But its just personal preference both are great lights. I also recommend Fenix, which is compact and of high quality.

Is olight a good brand Reddit?

It’s bright, has an easy UI, and the USB dock charging is a real plus. Would recommend. I have 5 or 6 Olights and they have all been excellent. I’ve never had one of their more expensive models, but the i3e and i3T are both inexpensive and great quality lights.

Are Olights good Reddit?

Good build quality, good user interface. Bad light/tint/CRI quality (emitter selection), proprietary batteries are expensive which really sucks. Olight is a popular flashlight brand in the general EDC community, however many flashlight experts are less enthusiastic about it.

Who is olight?

Olight is a brand of flashlight founded in 2007 by Fox Fan. … The brand specializes in flashlights, including LED flashlights, survival lights, and tactical flashlights. Olight provides lights for law enforcement, military, and outdoor activity enthusiasts.

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